Friday, March 1, 2013

USAF could loose 5 F-35s in budget cut

I had heard recently that it was going to be 3. Now it appears to be 5. From Inside Defense (subscription).

Sequester To Cut Air Force's F-35A Purchase By Up To 5 Jets

The Air Force expects to cut its procurement of the Joint Strike Fighter this fiscal year by as many as five aircraft as a result of sequestration, a top service official said today.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Lot 8 (FY14 budget!) received today 'accelerated' pre-funding towards advanced procurement. That was to purportedly to shelter Lot 8 from sequester-effects impacting procurement in the next FY budget.

Are these two stories related, ie, USAF projecting to lose orders in FY14 budget?

The adv. proc. was reportedly for 35 jets in total -- 6 of which being foreign purchased and 29(?) allocated for US Services.

Question: How many total orders for US Services were being expected for FY14? Only 29?

It will be interesting to see how those 29 are broken down into orders for the three variants.