Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Government tries to play catch-up for DND stuff-up

Interesting that Canada was told--for a very long time--that DND did the heavy analysis for the CF-18 replacement.

But then today, we learn this:

The effort is part of a “rigorous examination of available fighter-aircraft options on the market and how they could accomplish the missions outlined in the Canada First Defence Strategy,” the government said.


Doug Allen said...

Most of that "heavy analysis" was provided by LockMart and the Pentagon.

Needless to say, the decision was already made.

Canuck Fighter said...

It's the same issue as when the Howard governement did a back room deal for the F-35 without any competition.
Single source contracts at the Pentagon have tripled in monetary value over the last 10 years.
Would you renovate your house on a single source contract? or get competing bids?
Fighter planes are not houses, but the point still matters.