Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bogdan--Cost is a dependent variable

One of the corner-stones of the F-35 development for all stakeholders is CAIV. It stands for: cost as an independent variable. You can do the homework and find CAIV in various Joint Strike Fighter briefs throughout the program's pathetic history.

Yet, General Bogdan (linked in the last post), knowingly or unknowingly doesn't believe in CAIV. Because, cost is a dependent variable (see the PDF below).

Bogdan has $6B to finish F-35 development. That is it. There is no more money (or so we are told). Bogdan may have to go back to the warfighters and ask them what capability they want taken off to come in at the new cost ceiling.

What capability do you remove from something that hasn't proven any go-to-war capability?

The program's ill health is dependent on that $6B.


Anonymous said...

BTW, how much will be budgeted for the follow-on block IV?

Isn't block IV generally seen as a necessary block upgrade path originally required as the baseline capability?

Would anyone have truly joined the partnership, let alone US Congress going ahead with supporting the thing, back in 2001/2002 (or continued with the Program even back in 2007), if they knew that in the end they'd have to settle on a block 3 (if that), maybe 3 years later than the desired block IV was expected, and for an unsustainable procurement/operational cost?

What a catastrophe... very unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Cost Is Not An Independent Variable (CINAIV). Capability drives cost. You want less cost? Specify less capability. The result does not please you? Then don't do it. Either eat the increased cost, or buy another product.