Thursday, February 28, 2013

A proper article describing the Super

It has been a long-time-coming but finally an article that describes proper points of why someone would want the Super Hornet. They are right on the cost per flying hour, however Australia's is still somewhat high.

I'll describe the fused and balanced defensive suite some other time.

And of course: the Super shows up with ability a joint operational commander can actually use.

Hammer of Thor?


Highly useful and affordable?



Mars HQ said...

As far as what RCAF should do, vis-a-vis the whole F-35 fiasco and how the Super Hornet might play into the equation...

Canada's most prudent and best option should be to execute a strategic and decisive intervention in their defensive material replacement plan, in order to negate the necessity to further SLEP/MLU their existing CF-18 fleet, at the risk of being stuck w/ only a semi-effective/reliable jet for 40 yrs thereafter!

A safe and risk-managed solution would therefore be to make a decisive negotiation with Boeing for a strategic 8-12 yr Lease of 50 +/- F-18E/F, with an order for at least 8 being placed in FY14.

Make a deal with Boeing. You guys give us a good deal, being able to exercise some wiggle room in legalities provided only by a Lease, and we're satisfied with our transaction after the end of the Lease term...we might just buy those jets outright at a negotiated post-Lease price and upgrade them as required, or extend the Lease.

As an alternative though, Perhaps there will in fact unfortunately wind up being a requirement in Canada and the free world, say in 15 yrs out, to justify a serious next-gen Tactical asset and deterrent requirement.

In that case, RCAF could simply return the 50 odd jets to USN who would very likely require them as part of their reserve recap mix, and then acquire a serious next-gen asset by the late 2020s -- perhaps even a Boeing-designed 5th, or 5.5 gen model!

NGF said...


Very interesting article.

Mars is on the right track in terms of risk management for smaller air forces such as the RCAF and the RAAF.

Another Peter said...

"Highly useful and affordable"?

To a degree yes it's useful that the F/A-18E/F shows up with ability a joint operational commander can actually use and again a proven, affordable aircraft. Unfortunately like the F-35 it'll not be up to the job of taking on anti access changed threat environment and the fact the Sukhoi Flanker family, PAK-FA, J-20 and J-31 will easily shred the Super Hornet in air-to-air combat.

dayat said...

i will share this article to my friend.