Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Price comparisons for Canada's CF-18 replacement are now available

In looking at a potential Brazil deal for 36 fighter aircraft, Canada now has a partial snapshot of costing for the purchase, and some industry benefits of 3 CF-18 replacement contenders:

The document states that the least costly of the three jets being tendered are the Gripen of the Swedish firm Saab, the entire fleet being offered for $4.3 billion.

The Boeing F-18 jets would cost Brazil about $5.4 billion for 36 aircraft whereas the French Rafale would cost a lot more at $8.2 billion.

According to the published document, Boeing has agreed to the technology transfer required by the Brazilian government to close the deal and has also offered to open a center for high technology in Brazil if it gets the contract.

Note: all the above aircraft have large amounts of known qualities.

Unlike the F-35.


Anonymous said...

Can we now declare the F-22 as being deposed from the most expensive fighter plane ever title? The Rafale seems to have eclipsed the Raptor.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any views on the acceptability of Rafale for Australia's needs?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9.16

Why not. AUS used to operate French make, so there is obvious historical precedent. This latest Rafale is arguably a much higher calibre design, is proven, and the Indian variant at least will come with an IRST and other incremental upgrades.

As far as RCAF is concerned, they will most likely NOT be affording 65 of anything. As Eric has noted, it's probable that RCAF will need to operate the replacement type within a similar annual O&S budget as the CF-18s. That would equate to operating fewer of the next-gen type, with the possible exception to a Gripen variant.

Personally, I feel a higher-end F-15E+ would be a closer equivalent to the F-35 in overall capability than would the Super Hornet. But the argument for F-18EF would be something like: the CF-18 was more than adequate for Canada's requirements since the final years of the Cold War. If the CF-18 will furthermore be sufficient to fulfill RCAF requirements through at least 2022, than an upgraded new Build Super Hornet would likely be adequate to operate until at least 2027-2030 under an interim Lease solution, whereupon an evaluation could be made to either require a more capable next-gen replacement, or continue to operate and upgrade the F18EF accordingly.

Canuck Fighter said...

F-18 International roadmap version. Stealth pods, EPE engines, updated cockpit, AESA radar, jamming pods.
A decent option for Canada.

Anonymous said...

I've see a few reports late on Dec 11 and today indicating that Canada has cancelled the F-35 order. Have you been able to confirm this?

Distiller said...

Even though an advanced F-15 would be very nice, all things considered the SHornet is the most reasonable and realistic option for RCAF now.

Canuck Fighter said...

It's not really a cancel, although that's what the media is saying. It's a review of aircraft options that includes the F18 Super, Gripen, Rafale, and Eurofighter.
Lots of heat right now on the cost escalation. Both the Auditor General and latest KPMG audits of the proposed purchase have projected the costs to be billions over what the government initially proposed.